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The Joy Of A Child

What is it about little kids that brings such joy? Maybe it is their innocence, the way they look at the world, or the fact that they are so eager to learn and excited about everything. As a teacher, I can bring out a plate of salt or a box of crayons and put a smile on their faces. I wish it was that easy with adults. I am blessed …Read More

For the Love of Journaling

I am always telling kids in my Early Education Enrichment classes to journal. I give them sentence starters, topic ideas, and pictures/visuals to help get them excited about writing but the truth is I love journaling and I believe the benefits of journaling go far beyond improving a person’s writing. Journaling makes me a happier person. It helps me sort through feelings, organize thoughts and simply know myself better. Journaling …Read More

It’s Not Happy People Who Are Thankful But Thankful People Who Are Happy

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because there are no gifts or high expectations of creating magical moments. It does not involve an oversized bunny, a man in a red suit, or a fairy that flies around the house. Thanksgiving is about family and remembering all the gifts God has given us. Thanksgiving is about slowing down the hectic pace of life and taking a moment to be thankful. Over the …Read More

Is Reading at Risk?

Like most working moms, my time for leisure reading is limited and most of the reading I do is on the computer. I enjoy researching as well as reading articles and books, but when my children see me on the computer they think I am either working, which I probably do too much, or engaging with people on social media because that is how they identify with technology. When I …Read More

10 Tips for Reluctant Readers

Are you looking for ways to get your reluctant reader to start turning the pages? Begin by determining what your child is passionate about and use it to gauge their interest in reading. Do they like soccer, Legos, hairstyles, or animals? There are plenty of books and activities in every area of interest. Get a Subscription – Kids love to get mail. Sign your child up for a magazine or …Read More

How to Pick an Appropriate Level Book for Beginning Readers

Young children need help selecting books that are appropriate for their individual reading level. As parents and educators we want to instill a love of reading in our children. Helping them find books that are at an “appropriate level” and a “good fit” for the child is a great place to start. How can parents and educators help children find books that are not “too hard” and not “too easy” …Read More

MOMpreneurs – Having It All

Moms by nature are master multi-taskers who wear many hats. Is it any wonder they make such good enterprenuers? When I asked a group of mompreneurs how they were able to manage motherhood and running a business, the responses varied from involving family to carving out personal time and getting organized. Here is some advice from the experts on how they create a healthy balance for themselves and their families.Read More

The Balancing Act

The balancing act every mompreneur faces between work and family was a greater struggle when my kids were younger. They are 14, 12 and 9 now and although my time is limited and I have to prioritize, I do not feel the same pressure as I did 9 years ago when I started EEE. In fact, my kids are so independent now that I am grateful to have a job …Read More

5 Home Office Tips

A home office does not have to be a large space, but it does need a few key elements that will increase productivity and foster success. Optimizing your workspace saves time, keeps you focused and increases motivation. A closet transformed into an orderly workspace can be much more efficient than a large, disorganized office. Lighting — Make sure your space is well lit. Lighting is a huge influence on personal well-being …Read More