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EEE Investment Opportunity

The objective of the EEE Payment Plan

is to offer flexibility for your family’s financial needs while still providing you with the opportunity to start your own home-based EEE business today.

The total cost of the EEE Program is $5,000 broken down into an initial payment of $800 and 12 easy monthly payments of $350. Additional expenses include an annual fee of $300 for Google Apps, website maintenance, marketing, public relations and curriculum updates. This annual fee is paid at the time of initial purchase and annually thereafter.

The Payment Plan allows you time to earn income while paying for your start-up business.

  1. If you charge $180 per student, you will easily be able to make these payments from your income and still end up with a profit your first year in business.
  2. The EEE program materials are a write-off on your taxes.
  3. The initial down payment of $800 and the first annual fee of $300 is due when signing the contract. The first monthly payment of $300 is due one month after signing the contract. Each additional monthly payment is due one month after the previous payment.
  4. You can stop payments at any point and no longer receive materials. For example, if you are only interested in two of the four sessions available, you can stop payments at monthly payment 6. You will receive the session materials that are distributed with monthly payment 6. This allows you the flexibility to purchase as many or as few sessions as you would like.
  5. You have the flexibility to start teaching EEE during the fall, winter, spring, or summer sessions.