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FAQ’s On Becoming an EEE Teacher

How do I get my first students?

  1. Send an email to friends with children in kindergarten and preschool letting them know about your new business. Attach a link to the EEE promotional video on YouTube and a link to the EEE website. 
  2. Post information about your new business and class offerings on Facebook. 
  3. Contact local preschools, park district, YMCA, and community centers and ask if you can teach an 8-­?week session. 
  4. Contact local day-­?care providers and offer to teach an 8-­?week session at their facility. Day-­?care providers are more desirable to parents if they are offering an educational element. 
  5. Contact local elementary school PTA’s and offer to teach after school enrichment classes at a discounted price or offer to teach a FREE class. 
  6. Advertise in your elementary school phone book. 
  7. Contact private preschools in your area and ask if they would distribute a promotional card (included in the EEE marketing materials). The EEE program is a benefit to their students not competition.

What is the difference in the four different sets of session materials?

The EEE program includes a curriculum for both preschool and kindergarten. The sessions are different in the fact that the curriculum is more advanced each session but always includes a heavy review so new students can join mid year. For example, at the beginning of the kindergarten year we work on coin identification and at the end of kindergarten we are adding various amounts of coins and using coins to purchase items. In writing we start with sentence starters and end the year creating our own journals with three 5-star sentences for each journal entry.

The preschool curriculum is vastly different than kindergarten. We are practicing letter formation, letter identification, and sounds. We start the year with letter identification and end with word families. In math, we work on number identification, number sense and patterns with increased difficulty throughout the year.

What is a “session”?

The EEE program consists of three 8-week sessions that take place during the school year and a week-long bridging class that takes place in the summer. The sessions are designed to be taught in the fall, winter, spring and summer but there is ?exibility in what weeks you choose to teach. As long as you teach the sessions within the speci?ed seasons the material will be appropriately leveled for you students.

What area would define my territory?

EEE staff will work with you to develop a secure territory based on your facility location and area population. You can acquire students and accounts outside your territory but another EEE business will not be sold within your territory. 

Do I need experience to own and operate an EEE business?

No, the lesson plans explain exactly what to teach and how to teach the material. Many times the kids are learning through simple games and activities that the teacher simply administers. If you do want to review ways to teach a specific concept, the EEE program includes teaching tips and information for review in the program manual.

Why should I open an EEE business instead of trying it on my own?

Many years of research went into creating this program. It includes a vast amount of material that would take even a seasoned teacher an enormous amount of time to compile and organize. In addition, it includes parent letters, homework packets, information on enrolling students, leveled readers, evaluations, assessments and marketing materials. It is simply worth the low start-up investment to purchase the program so you can get started teaching today.



What is included in the EEE program?

EEE includes over 500 creative lessons built into 58 one-hour classes. It also includes parent letters, homework packets, information on enrolling students, leveled readers, evaluations, assessments, and marketing materials. For a detailed look at what is included in the EEE program, we recommend you download the program tutorial. You can download materials by filling out the “More Information” form in the right sidebar of this page.

Are there any additional expenses?

Yes, there is an annual fee of $250 for for Google Apps, website maintenance, marketing, and curriculum updates. This annual fee is paid at the time of initial purchase and annually thereafter.

What is Google Apps?

Google Apps is a cloud-based email, calendar and documents that let businesses work together from anywhere. With Google Apps you will get a custom email address, calendar for scheduling classes, and ability to create, store and share documents with all EEE franchisees.

Will I get help with marketing?

Yes, we are dedicated to providing both local and on-line marketing support to help you get your business off to a successful start.

What makes a successful EEE business?

The first thing to consider is if there is a need in your community for preschool and kindergarten enrichment. If the answer to that is yes, then the rest becomes a lot easier.