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  • Fine Motor Skill Development

    Grasping, manipulating, and hand-eye coordination are examples of fine motor skills. Fine motor skills involve the small muscles of the hand and arm which are necessary for performing many life tasks such as writing, holding small objects, and fastening clothing. Due to the fact that many fine motor tasks such  Click to read more.

  • Make numeral writing fun!

    A parent told me recently that her child enjoyed learning how to write her numbers from the little tricks I was teaching in my Early Education Enrichment classes. She asked me to send them to her so she could use them at home. I thought I would share them with  Click to read more.

  • Looking for websites that educate and entertain?

    Do your kids want to play video games while you want them to spend time on educational activities? Check out these websites where you can both get what you want. Do you have any great edutainment (education + entertainment) websites you would like to share? www.funbrain.com www.starfall.com www.ixl.com Click Here for more great websites.  Click to read more.