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New Beginnings

My husband is an Assistant Principal at a high school so he is home a lot in the summer but, once the start of the school year hits he heads back to school and a busy schedule right along with the kids. I work out of the home and struggle with the transition of everyone leaving.

I make this transition easier for myself by scheduling some additional social plans with friends and scheduling some family fun like long weekend getaways and winter vacations so we all have things to look forward to that are outside the routine. I also like starting something new for myself. Over the years, I have taken on new hobbies, completed home decorating projects, taken classes, started book/cooking clubs, joined a Bible study, and I always promise myself I will start a new exercise routine.

Fall is the start of new beginnings for everyone in my family, and the transition is a lot easier for me when I am excited about a new beginning for myself. I find that when I have a good attitude and am excited about the new beginnings that come along with fall, my attitude is contagious and my family gets excited also. Take care of yourself this fall by starting something new; you will be happier and more equipped to take care of your family.