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The Joy Of A Child

What is it about little kids that brings such joy? Maybe it is their innocence, the way they look at the world, or the fact that they are so eager to learn and excited about everything. As a teacher, I can bring out a plate of salt or a box of crayons and put a smile on their faces. I wish it was that easy with adults. I am blessed to be able to teach young children. I love spending my days with these joyful little people and am grateful for the happiness they bring into my life.

Enjoying my children as a parent is different than enjoying the kids I teach. As a parent, I love my children but I also worry about their safety, grades and spiritual growth. I deal with meltdowns, schedules, and activities. The list of concerns and responsibilities is endless. As an EEE teacher I just get to play (with a purpose, of course) and I get so much joy from their excitement, eagerness to learn and simple ability to be happy. I love laughing with them and seeing the pride in their little faces when they accomplish something new. Teaching is my joy and passion and I am blessed to be able to spend my day with kids.