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Enrichment FAQ’s

My child is struggling in school. Is this the right program?

The EEE classes are enrichment; therefore, they provide a greater challenge than what is generally expected in the same grade at school. Talk with your local EEE teacher to determine if there is an appropriate level class available to meet your child’s needs.

Will my child get homework?

Yes, your child will go home with homework after each class to reinforce the concepts covered in class. Kids love the fun games and activities in the homework, and parents love the structure it provides for busy families. 

How will I know if this program is benefiting my child?

Once your child starts taking an EEE class, you will notice an increased interest in education, more advanced ability in reading, writing, and math, and increased confidence. You will also receive an assessment to perform with your child at the end of each year for a close look at the specific skills your child has mastered through the EEE curriculum.



Can my child be in class with his/her friends?

Yes, we prefer to place kids in classes based on ability, but we also know the importance of being with friends for both the child’s enjoyment of the class and the parents scheduling of activities and carpools.



How do I know if my child is at the right level for a class?

Your local EEE teacher will discuss your child’s level with you prior to placing him/her in a class. Based on your discussion, the teacher will recommend a class that is best suited for your child with other students at a similar ability level.



Are kids grouped into classes by ability?

Yes, your local EEE teacher will discuss your child’s level with you prior to placing your child in an EEE class. EEE teachers strive to differentiate instruction whenever possible and utilize an easy Leveling Chart to simplify this process for both parents and teachers.

With this said, we do understand the hectic schedules of families today and accommodate parent requests, whenever possible, for their child to be with friends or in a specific class based on family schedules. 

How do I enroll my child for a class?

Go to the Find a Teacher page on this website and look for an EEE location in your area. Click on the specific teacher/location in your area, and you will find class information and schedules specific to that location. Once you have found a day/time that works with your schedule, simply contact the EEE teacher in that location.



How long is a class?

The fall, winter, and spring sessions take place during the school year. Each session is 8-weeks long and students attend class for 1 hour each week. The bridging classes meet over the course of one week for one hour a day in the summer.